The First Ten

Posted: 9.10.2008 in Albumit, Musiikki

So as I promised, I’ll list my vinyls here (the first 10 I got):

Cream – Disraeli Gears (#3)
Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks (#7)
Eppu Normaali – Maximum Jee & Jee (#6)
Eppu Normaali – Tie vie (#2)
Eppu Normaali – Hatullinen paskaa (#5)
Genesis – Selling England By The Pound (#8)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin (#10)
Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon (#4)
Pink Floyd – The Wall (#1)
Talking Heads – Little Creatures (#9)

(actually I got my vinyls #10, #11 and #12 at the same time, so I’ll list the other two as well)

Bluesounds – Black (#11)
Eppu Normaali – Aku ja köyhät pojat (#12)

So there, I’ll continue this list when I hit twenty. Oh by the way, I’m leaving some classical music LPs my grandpa gave me off this list, just because they weren’t really purchased by me, nor was I super-enthusiastic when I got them.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I’ve got to say as for now, except that the needle for my turntable finally came. The turntable seems to be OK, and I’ve been trying it and listened to some music, but the amplifier I got with it is shite. So I’ve been using my old amplifier-stereo system, which just does not have enough power to produce loud enough sounds. I get ”normal volume level” when turning the volume as loud as ”MAXIMUM”. It will suffice for a while, but I do intend to get an amplifier that really makes my ears orgasm with every note. So, if anyone has some info/tips on this issue, then please help a bro out.

Yup, no more to say to y’all. Byee!


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