If it ain’t Vinyl, it ain’t right…

Posted: 30.9.2008 in Musiikki, Tarinoita ja jorinoita

So, I finally got to write something in English. No need to worry, though.. This entry’s a-gonna be a short one (as if!!).

Yeah, I’ve been droolin’ for a turntable for a loooong time, ever since I first saw the first Blues Brothers movie (you know the scene, where Elwood and Jake are in the motel room listenin’ to Louis Jordan), and that was almost 10 years ago. Well, maybe not drooling for 10 years, but still I kinda always wanted one.

So now that I’ve got the damn thing, I’ve got to wait for the needle to arrive at the local audiophile/HiFi shop. Anyway, I’ve been buying some old LPs, and my GF has become almost as enthusiastic about the retro thingy as I am. At the moment I’ve got 6 titles in my library, but I do intend to expand my collection as much as possible within the limits of my financial situation. When I get 10 LPs bought, I’ll blog a list. And then after each ten more records I’ll do the same.
I’ve however promised myself not to buy that many albums that I’ve already got on CD, but the albums that are completely new to me, or have liked but not bought ’cause they weren’t available on CD, like e.g. Hassisen Kone or Genesis (Gabriel era).
Yup, that’s about wraps it up about the turntable topic.
Today I was playing ”Mölkky” with some students from the UKU (University of Kuopio). It was fun, but it was bloody freezing. Goddamn! Anyway, we came 4th out of 20 or so teams. Yee!
And for those who don’t know what kinda game ”Mölkky” is, it’s pretty much like Pétanque, but with blocks of wood. You throw a block of wood and try to hit other blocks of wood, that have a certain number of points written on it. The score you try to reach is 50, if you get too many points, you go back to 25. Yup, it’s a dorky game.
So, this was my first blog post in English, hope you liked it, and if I’ve made some mistakes with my writing, it’s probably because of the time I’m writing this (2.06 AM). Nah, probably not, I  just can’t be arsed to write properly.
Anyway, it’s good night and good bye from me, Erkki from Finland (AKA shinyjack)


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